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Anonymous asked:

how do you rent books?

There are few different book renting websites. Use your basic knowledge of google to figure out which you like best.  The website will send you your book, you use it for the quarter, and then you mail it back to them. 

This is awesome for two reasons:

1. You basically rent it for like half the price (or less) than the bookstore, because the school wants to take even more of your money all the time.

2. You never have to worry about trying to sell it back and the school screwing you over, and you get the books off your hands as soon as you’re done with them.

Don’t be an idiot though….shipping takes time. You probably won’te get it by the first day of class (not that you need to have it but…) if you get behind on your reading, don’t blame your shit on me. 

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